Retreats, Classes & Workshops

Ann has led numerous retreats, days of reflection, classes, and workshops on spirituality and faith topics in Catholic, Protestant, and ecumenical settings.

She has offered these opportunities in parish settings, at conferences, for parish or school staffs, and via Zoom. Her areas of specialty include:

  • Hebrew and Christian Scriptures
  • Ignatian spirituality, including the Spiritual Exercises (19th Annotation) of St. Ignatius
  • Christian initiation and RCIA
  • Spirituality for parents and families
  • General spirituality & forms of prayer

References are available by request.


My rates are negotiable depending on the needs of the hiring party, but they typically fall in the range of:

  • Day of reflection: $400-600
  • Classes and workshops (in-person or over Zoom): $100-150 per hour, depending on topic, distance, and prep time.

Retreat Experiences

Ann can offer a variety of experiences for prayer and spiritual growth, from a one-hour session to a weekend or extended retreat. Examples from her past include:
  • Day of Recollection for diocesan or church staff members
  • Retreat day for school faculty/staff at the beginning or mid-point of the year
  • Catechuman/candidate retreats during the Lenten season
  • Silent retreats for Jesuit Volunteer Corps members
  • The Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life based on St. Ignatius' 19th Annotation - in Catholic, Protestant, or mixed group settings
  • Parish Advent evening of reflection
  • Women's spirituality group experiences
  • Family faith formation events (for both children and parents)
  • Facilitation of parent discussion groups
  • Workshops related to the Advent Conspiracy movement
  • Experiments in Prayer and Meditation—for newbies or those with an established prayer practice

Sample Feedback from Participants

Classes & Workshops

Ann's teaching is always offered with an underlying spirituality, engaging both the head and the heart. Here is a selection of courses that Ann has offered in the past:
  • Reading the Gospels • In this popular six-session course, Ann has guided participants through reading all four Gospels while giving historical and literary context to better understand these fascinating, but sometimes confusing, books of the Bible. At the end of the course you’ll know for yourself just what is in the Gospels and what isn’t. • Whether you’ve never cracked open that family Bible on your mantle or you have some background with Bible study groups or scripture classes, this course will have something for everyone. Perhaps you've wanted to read the four Gospels in their entirety but didn’t know how to begin? Or maybe you tried but gave up in confusion. • We’ll explore the Gospels in a thought-provoking manner, from the very basics (“Who were Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, and when did they write the Gospels anyway?”) to more complex questions (“Why is Jesus portrayed so differently in each Gospel?” and “What are the apocryphal gospels?”). You’re guaranteed to learn something new and you’ll come away with greater insights about who Jesus is and who he can be to you. Learn more.
  • Introduction to the Hebrew Scriptures • Why should we learn about the Hebrew Scriptures? Because it was Jesus’ Bible and he quoted from it regularly. Join us for an introduction focusing on the first five books of the Bible that often seem so remote and confusing to us now, 3,000 years later. The six-session course explores who wrote the books, when, the genres involves, and other historical pieces. Learn more.
  • Helping the Faithful and Seekers Learn the Faith (RCIA) • Many are curious about the details of the Catholic faith, but unless you're a child or becoming Catholic as an adult, parish opportunities to learn are often limited. After years with practicing Catholics “sneaking” into her RCIA sessions and curious parents asking what their kids were learning, Ann decided enough was enough. She put together a simple, interactive learning approach to share the best our faith has to offer, balancing doctrinal teaching with prayer, spirituality, and faith sharing. Hear more about her formula to engage both seekers and life-long Catholics, and appeal to both head and heart. The session will include do's and don'ts, and other tips for starting, promoting, and growing a process that can work in any parish.
  • The Catholic Way: Dozens of Theological and Spiritual Topics • After many years of leading sessions for RCIA and adult formation, Ann published her talking points and handouts on all these topics in The Catholic Way. She is available to present on any of these topics in 60-90 minute sessions (usually with a prayer-related experience).

Sample Feedback from Participants (Reading the Gospels)